Payment terminal testing services

To bring new products to market as quickly as possible, mPOS and payment terminal manufacturers need to demonstrate early compliance and interoperability through thorough and effective testing.

Functional testing

FIME is an ISO 17025 accredited service provider with test laboratories in the USA, Canada, France, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. FIME provides testing and certification services on a global scale to validate a solution's compliance before launch. This includes debug sessions during the development phase to help determine the quality of your product against a set of specifications, right through to terminal type approval for formal certification.

Pre-testing performed at your premises by our experts.Troubleshooting analysis quickly identifies and resolves issues.

Pre-testing based on formal test requirements, and full debug reviews, simplifies the type approval process.Spy logs support troubleshooting analysis.

Formal testing stage providing the full results and reports required to acquire Letter of Approval (LoA).

Security testing

Finally, FIME is able to validate the security of your payment terminal and also provides security testing and evaluation services against Payment Card Industry – PIN Transaction Security (PCI PTS) security requirements.

Terminal integration testing

Terminal vendors can also use FIME’s services to test acceptance devices against the terminal-integration test requirements from the payment schemes (Level 3).The combination of FIME’s services and expertise makes FIME the ideal partner for your payment terminal certification process. 

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