Secure Element based
mobile payment application certification

Certification process

In order to check secure element based NFC mobile payment application compliance with their specifications, some payment schemes have defined a certification process. Certification is mandatory for any solution providers wishing to deploy secure element based NFC applications. In addition, the certification is strongly recommended for issuers wishing to launch such services.

These certifications follow a Type Approval process. The Type Approval test session cannot be interrupted and the application under test cannot be modified during the test session. That is why in order to simplify product debugging and accelerate the certification, FIME offers debugging test sessions. These sessions can be interrupted and FIME and the developer’s team can work together to solve last minute issues. Then, once everything is finalized, FIME performs the Type Approval.

Certification milestones

  1. Product registration 

  2. Debug session 

  3. Type Approval 

  4. Product certification

Mobile payment application certification

  • MasterCard

  • Visa

  • American Express

  • Discover

  • JCB