Smartcard testing services

One-stop-shop service to achieve

global & domestic certification

FIME laboratories are accredited by the major certification schemes in the telecom and payment markets. Its test laboratories, located worldwide, provide testing and certification services of the highest quality and are recognized by the relevant international accreditation bodies.

FIME’s unique portfolio encompasses a wide range of functional and security test services dedicated to the secure element, from electrical right through to the application level.

FIME offers a range of services tailored to your needs:

  • In-house test services - FIME’s experts come to your premises to support you during testing.

  • Debug sessions - thorough testing and analysis is performed in any of FIME’s test centers.

  • Type approval sessions - to achieve qualified status for your secure element.

FIME offers a comprehensive portfolio of testing options for smartcards and secure elements:

  • ISO10373 physical and durability testing, including thickness and bending.

  • Level 1 compliance testing, analog and digital, or protocol based on ISO7816, EMV Contact and Contactless and NFC Forum.

  • Level 2 compliance testing for payment, telecom, identity and transit.

Smartcard & SE testing brochure