Biometrics testing services

Evaluate and certify your biometric authentication products.

Validate the functionality, performance and security of your biometric product to demonstrate quality user experience.

Demonstrate biometric product quality with a trusted partner.

Verify the performance (FAR, FRR, FMR, FNMR, FTA, FTE) and Presentation Attack Detection (anti-spoofing, IAPMR, APCER, BPCER) of the sensor, biometric component, authenticator device or solution against industrial standards. Along with on-demand functional and interoperability testing services to secure user experience.

Key benefits

  • Evaluations for fingerprint, facial, voice, palm, behavior, multi-factor modalities and different environmental conditions.

  • Trusted ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory.

  • Recognized by leading industrial and payment authorities. 

  • Fime is ahead of the curve by participating in multiple biometric technical standard working groups.

  • Customizable testing strategy or benchmark evaluation with Fime diploma.

  • Innovation on testing methodologies.

  • Global project management teams and experts across regions.  

Working across the digital payment industry.

  • Android™

  • Behavioral 

  • FIDO

  • Mastercard 

  • ISO19795-1

  • ISO30107-3

  • Environmental bias impact analysis

  • Facial recognition

  • Fingerprints recognition

  • Multi-modalities

  • Tailored test strategies (on request)

*Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

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