EMVCo contactless level 1 analogue/digital test bench    


            EMVCo qualified conformance test environment 

            When the payment terminal or EMV credit card manufacture want to release their new terminal or card to the market, it is required to obtain many certifications before they are  released to the market.

            EMVCo level 1 analogue and digital certification is the first step toward the market. All terminals and cards (including mobile and wearable devices) have to obtain the Level 1 certification to ensure the product interoperability in 

            Save the time to market 

            Our EMVCo Contactless Level 1 Test Bench is EMV qualified test tool. Verifying the conformity of your product against the EMV specifications by this tool before going to EMVCo qualified test laboratory to have a type approval test session, the chance to pass the test by 1 or 2 rounds becomes very high. It saves cost and time to the market.

            Key benefits

            • As EMVCo qualified tool, able to get almost same test results as the test results by test lab. (*1) and to ensure  level 1 interoperability of your product.

            • Shorten the time to market.

            • Because all required components are included in the test bench set, you can start the test as soon as you get it.

            (*1) The testing environment such as temperature impacts test Results 

            What’s in the Test Bench 

            • IPCD/PICC emulator

            • Acquisition device and RF Amplifier

            • EMV kit (Test PCD, Test PICC, Test CMR)

            • System Controller (Windows PC)

            • Test platform software with EMVCo Contactless Level 1 Analog / Digital Test Suite (test scripts)

            • Required all accessories such as cables, attenuators, filters and etc

            • Robot 6 axis (optional)


            The test bench provided by our company can perform compliance test for the following specifications.

            • EMVCo PICC Level 1 Analog Testing Solution 3.0a

            • EMVCo PICC Level 1 Digital Testing Solution 3.0a

            • EMVCo PCD Level 1 Analog Testing Solution 3.0a

            • EMVCo PCD Level 1 Digital Testing Solution 3.0a

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