Fime supports fintech Euro-Information with latest nexo acquirer procotol certification.
29 avril, 2020 par

Fime has helped Euro-Information, Crédit Mutuel Group’s fintech, to achieve certification in line with the latest nexo standards Acquirer Protocol v6.0. The protocol standardizes the communication between the point of interaction (POI) device and the acquirer host. Certified by PayCert, the implementation will significantly reduce system management costs for Euro-Information. By utilizing international standards, they deliver seamless cross-border acceptance for the Group. 

“Our mission is to give the group’s members and customers the best tools and solutions. This certification does exactly that and supports future growth in our international merchant customer base. Working with a partner that understands the market, and was able to perform the testing on our premises, was essential to the success of our project. Fime’s flexibility, expertise and guidance ensured we achieved this approval quickly and cost effectively.”

Yves Langlois
Certification Qualification and Integration leader at Euro-Information

Arnaud Crouzet, Vice President of Security and Consulting at Fime adds: “The need for an international and collaborative payments acceptance ecosystem has never been higher. We’re committed to supporting all players in the marketplace to achieve this goal. As nexo migration projects gather momentum globally, certification is increasingly important to ensure the quality and interoperability of solutions. Experts familiar with the details of nexo are fundamental to fast-tracking the implementation and certification processes. Fime's consultancy, implementation, testing, certification and training services take the strain of compliance to allow players to tap into the benefits of nexo.”

As a Board Member of nexo standards, Fime’s services offer unrivalled end-to-end support for payments acceptance stakeholders. Learn how Fime can help ensure a smooth migration project on our website.