NFC applications compliance test tool

Reduce product release time to market

Thanks to the success of ApplePay and the huge number of NFC-equipped smartphones on the market, NFC-based services are being launched around the world. It has become crucial to make sure that NFC applications in smart cards, embedded secure elements, and host card emulation provide the same customer journey in all shapes. Compatibility and interoperability are key to providing customers with a seamless NFC user experience.

Comprehensive testing across all markets  

FIME has been contributing to organizations related to these standards and has developed Global, a complete solution for your solution. Whether your payments, telecom and ID applications are in physical or cloud services, you can validate globally. Certified by multiple brands, you can analyze how your application behaves.

Components and test suites

FIME provides a comprehensive test environment based on the latest specifications for payment, telecom and ID applications. 

  • In standard mode, you can use the official test plan prepared by FIME.

  • In publishing mode, GlobalPlatform test plans are automatically imported and updated.

Download the brochure (English) below for more information on supported libraries and test coverage.


Validation of secure elements supporting payment, telecom and identity applications

Prepare for the certification test at Global! 

Technical specifications


  • Automatic PC / SC reader detection

  • Test settings according to card functions

  • Destructive / non-destructive test selection and card initial state for each package

  • On-demand debugging and regression testing 

  • Set execution content when an error occurs

Test session

  • Tests can be run in groups or complete test plans    

  • Automated test with multiple reader functions

  • Execution of external programs at setup and termination

  • Edit test content as needed


  • Full or partial test reports can be generated Timing calculation and graphical display

  • High-level, detailed result summary display

  • Function and APDU level detailed log output

What is included in the product

One of the following hardware is required depending on the library used.

  • PC / SC reader

  • Smartware Nano or MP65

  • Keolabs ContactLAB or MP300 TC3

Lab Services   

FIME is a GlobalPlatform certified lab. It is also certified by AmericanExpress, Discover Network, eftpos, EMVCo, JCB, PURE, RuPay, and UnionPay.

Key benefits

  • Implemented officially certified tests and used in certification labs

  • Confirm compliance throughout development

  • Confirm L2 certification

  • Reduces internal testing time and time to market 

Major features   

  • Easy-to-use user interface

  • Run selected test cases

  • Multi-level automatic report generation

  • Easy upgrades and great scalability

  • Automatic import and update of test plans

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